Liffey Valley transport changes

by Rachel Cunningham
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The Liffey Valley Shopping Centre owners have issued a statement underscoring their appreciation for how difficult a change to a practice after 24 years is for its stakeholders.

The owners acknowledged the challenge for its staff and highlight the importance of the retailer staff contribution to the overall success of the centre. 

The centre, along with the National Transport Authority, has invested €30m with the aim of enhancing parking and public transport facilities at the shopping centre. 

This statement comes in the wake of changes to bus routes that locals feel has disrupted their commute. 

The centre’s owners stated that there has been a “significant increase in the provision of public transport services to the centre.” 

Further service increases were rolled out last Sunday, October 16, and additional services will be provided in early 2023, when the new BusConnects interchange will be open, creating a 50 per cent increase in public transport connections to the centre. 

“Not with standing this situation, we understand that traveling to work by car may still be the only option for some and we are keen to work with all stakeholders to ensure people understand their options and to assist them in selecting the most appropriate option that is relevant to their situation. In this regard, we are providing designated parking facilities for staff at a substantially discounted rate of €2.50 per trip,” the owners stated.

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