Cllr. Lettie Mc Carthy calls for change to payment rules in clamping charges at train stations

by Alex Greaney
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Alex Greaney

Cllr. Lettie Mc Carthy, Labour, said the payment rules must change for commuters who are clamped at train stations.

Figures released to Labour’s Seán Sherlock TD revealed that €23,000.00 was paid in clamping fees in Heuston Station and €7,680.00 was paid in clamping fees in Connolly station, in 2022.

Clamping across the country has already resulted in €17,280 so far in 2023.

Lettie said: “as well as the cost of removing the clamp, the safety of commuters waiting at night for the removal of the clamp must be taken into consideration.

“While it is absolutely accepted that people must pay the parking charges, the reality is sometimes the machine doesn’t work, the app won’t reload, or people just simply forget.

“Commuters are left stranded when they get back to their cars in the evening and realise, they’ve been clamped. On cold, dark nights, people are left waiting at the train station for the clampers to come back and remove the clap.

“It’s time to have a look at this. I am calling on Irish Rail to change the rules around clamping so that people do not have to pay on the spot to get it taken off.

“It would be preferable to see a removal of the clamping process given the need for payment, which is heightened in a cost-of-living crisis, compounded by the public safety issue where an individual arrives back at their car late at night and it’s clamped.

“Clamping should not be seen as a purely revenue raising exercise. I would urge Irish Rail to consider the Labour Party’s call and make it safer for all commuters”

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