LauraLynn Oscars

by Alison O'Hanlon
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Six LauraLynn families from across the country took part in the Children’s Hospice’s unique event and all six scooped an award for their movie making and acting talents.

The LauraLynn Oscars is one of the biggest family engagement projects at LauraLynn and it involves families writing, filming and starring in their very own movie. All the movies are professionally scripted and the project culminated with a red-carpet experience and screening at the Odeon in Charlestown.

While each family creates an individual movie that reflects their own passions and personalities, the common bond is that the starring role is played by the child who attends LauraLynn. 

It is a wonderful opportunity for our families to engage in the arts and create memories together. It is our largest family support project and we are so proud of the films created by our families.  This family support project would not be possible without incredible contrition’s from industry professionals.

Featured image: Emily McCormack (8) from Dublin is pictured with her family Nikki, Rob and Mia (13) at the LauraLynn Oscars in Charlestown Odeon Dublin.

Picture Andres Poveda

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