Correct, conceal and deliver a flawless finish with LA Girl’s HD Pro Concealer!

by Rose Barrett
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Concealers/correctors are seriously a woman’s best friend. No matter what age you are, a good concealer can hide a teenage spot, ageing signs, rosacea, broken blood vessels from sun damage, seborrhea and acne. and LA Girl’s HD Pro Concealer is one of the best!

I’ve also found that by using a good concealer, you are saving on foundation, as concealer and foundation with a light top powder will retain your flawless finish for longer.

LA Girl’s Correct, Conceal and Contour is a game-changing make-up bag must-have will have you looking like a million dollars without breaking the bank. Just cover and correct the imperfections and look your most confident self! 

From colour correcting shades such as lavender, green, peach, yellow and orange, to a broad array of skin tones, there really is something for everyone in this wide spectrum collection.  

Experience the magic of this crease-resistant formula that glides onto the skin like a dream. This concealer’s lightweight texture is designed to blend seamlessly, creating a flawless canvas to build upon. Whether you’re a makeup novice or a beauty pro, achieving that airbrushed finish has never been easier. 

LA Girl’s HD Pro Concealers are the secret weapon for fighting against unwanted darkness, redness, and imperfections. With opaque coverage that means business, you’ll be amazed as your skin transforms into a flawless masterpiece. Those fine lines around your eyes? Consider them history as our long-wearing formula works its magic. 

Work with your best features, good shaped eyebrows, long eyelashes, high cheek bones, accentuate the best bits but conceal the ageing or less than flattering blemishes!

LA Girl Pro Concealer (RRP €9.95) is available to purchase at and stockists nationwide. 

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