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by Rose Barrett
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 Rose Barrett

Don’t break up with your hair, show it some love with OGX Anti Breakage+ Keratin Oil Collection.

If you’re looking to get serious about your haircare, know that just two dates with this pH balanced shampoo from the collection leaves hair five times stronger and two times softer*

This is not an ideal boast! Having undertaken a so called ‘root lift’ last year abroad, my hair ended up fried, literally fried and frizzed and totally unmanageable. I tried hair masks, leaving the conditioner in all evening but I still looked like a cross between Wurzel Gummage and an ‘80’s punk rocker after a wash and blow dry.

I also swim regularly in swimming pools where the chlorinated water can cause dryness and more damage to my hair.

But the rich and nourishing formula of OXG products are coaxing my hair back to a softer feel, and helping to tame my flyaway frizz! 

Infused with keratin proteins and argan oil, OXG shampoo and conditioner work in harmony and together help to fortify hair, making it more resistant to breakage and split ends caused by brushing and styling. 

You don’t need Tough Love!

The experts at OGX Haircare don’t believe in tough love or having to compromise.  The entire OGX haircare range offers salon quality, pH Balanced and sulphate-free surfactant formulas delivering gentle cleansing with more shine, less frizz and long lasting smoothness. 

For strength and length, OGX Keratin Oil Collection is in it for the long haul, offering those passionate about growing stronger, healthy looking hair, the care your hair needs to avoid bad break ups.  This rich and fortifying duo help give hair more strength and resistance to breakage so you are good to grow. 

Trust me, I’m in my sixties, on meds for Diabetis and a bit of ageing; that along with the foreign fried hair treatment and chlorinated water in swimming pools all have added to drying out my hair but thanks to OXG Keratin products, I’m getting the shine and softness back! Give it a go.

OGX Anti Breakage + Keratin Oil Shampoo cleanses while working hard to help defend against split ends and smooth hair. It helps to fortify each strand – great news for anyone trying to grow their hair because strong hair means growing your potential for longer locks

OGX Anti Breakage + Keratin Oil Conditioner helps to maintain your hair’s inner strength and moisture.  It nourishes each strand, sealing in moisture to help tame flyaways and smooth rough cuticles, so your hair looks smoother and feels beautifully soft.

What’s not to love?  Created by a hairdresser over a decade ago, OGX haircare is renowned for its extensive range of salon quality shampoos, conditioners and conditioning treatments, with sulphate free surfactant, pH balanced formulas.  Bringing serious haircare to the bathroom shelf, OGX Haircare stays touch with its playful side.  Amazing fragrances and lush, tropical ingredients make for one scent-sational shower experience with beautiful, salon worthy results.

OGX Anti Breakage + Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioners retail at €9.89 RRP** each and are available from Tesco, Dunnes Stores and pharmacies nationwide.  ** Recommended retail price only.

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