Ken Doherty: Why Roy Was Right About Ronaldo

by Ken Doherty
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He may be 37 but if that is the only reason people can think of to shoot down Ronaldo, it’s a pretty cheap shot.

I must say in the big Sky Sports panel debate at the weekend between former United greats Roy Keane and Gary Neville over what should happen to the Portugal star after refusing to go on for the last two minutes in the game against Newcastle, I was very much on Roy’s side.

Gary was cold and calculating and made the point that Ronaldo should now go to a smaller club where he could play every week while Roy said that what he did was no worse that stuff Paul Scholes, Rio Ferdinand or Eric Cantona did in the past – and they stayed on at United for years afterwards.

Not starting Ronaldo is one thing and I totally respect Teg Hag’s reasons for that but asking him to go on when there was little time left was a real insult. 

Keane made the point that the manager probably was afraid to put him on with 15 minutes to go as he might have grabbed a goal. What I am sure about is that he would have scored the header Marcus Rashford missed near the end of the game and I’d have fancied him to chip home against Chelsea when Marcus hit the goalie with his effort.

My point is that he still has something to offer United…they’re called goals. Sancho is not playing well and Rashford always plays better from the left side so why not rejig and start improving on their zero goal rating after 11 Premier League games. With his record, it’s a cert he will do that for the club.

Honoured to become a Hall of Famer

They say you know you are getting old when you get offered Hall of Fame awards but I was humbled and honoured at the same time to become the first holder of the life award at the Snooker & Billiards Ireland centre in Carlow two weeks ago.

The professionalism of the place astounded me and it was an added honour that they called the main table in the centre after yours truly as well.

I got a bit dewy-eyed talking about my own days starting out and winning my first green waistcoat to represent Ireland in tournaments. It was a lovely occasion and one that I will cherish to the end of my days.

I would recommend a visit anytime you are in the Carlow town area as it is one of the finest centres that I have come across.

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