Fifth class students the stars of Kellogg’s Junior Apprentice programme

by Aishling Conway
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Fifth-class students at Rush National School created and recently presented their brand-new Kellogg’s products to Senior members of Kellogg’s Europe, writes Rose Barrett.

As part of the Junior Apprentice programme, Miss Ciara O’Brien, fifth-class teacher at Rush NS tasked her students to create their very own Kellogg’s products and include rationale, creative and marketing details.

Such was the success of the final products, Miss O’Brien contacted Kellogg’s directly to share the innovation and ingenuity on display which included such creations as: Sporty O’s, Monkey Madness, Super Stars, Coco Flakes and Paradise Bites. Hence, Rush fifth class students proved to be the stars of the show in the school’s Junior Apprentice programme

5th class pupils from Rush National School who proved the stars of the show this week in the school’s Junior Apprentice programme event pictured here with their teacher Ciara O’Brien and Kellogg’s Senior members

Dave Lawlor, Kellogg Europe President is pictured here with Aoibhiìn Farrell, Sienna Kiernan, Conor O’Reilly, Phoebe Gilmartin and Kailah Delaney and Rush pupils. Pictures Robbie Reynolds

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