American victim of alleged assault may lose eye; family launch GFM fundraiser

by Rose Barrett
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A male juvenile arrested for the alleged attack on American tourist, Stephen Termini (57), has been charged. Mr Termini was reported to be viciously beaten and in risk of losing an eye following an alleged assault on Wednesday last, July 19 in the city centre.

It is believed the victim who is currently recovering in hospital, was vising Ireland in search of his Irish connections. The youth has been charged with an offence contrary to the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act, 1997.

GoFundMe campaign launched

Above, the victim Stephen Termini (centre) with his sons Michael and Jesse Rizzuto

Mr Termini’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to support Mr Termini who is facing “life altering” changes.

His sister Michelle said: “My brother Stephen (Steve) had been working at a galvanizing plant, saving every penny to afford the trip, after losing his wife to illness last April.

“He had always dreamed of visiting Ireland and was trying to trace family who had emigrated to the US from Dublin.  What we were told as children was that our grandfather, Charles Wilson, had been a painter, painting cathedrals in Dublin and his mother, Ann Donnelly hailed from County Mayo. 

“It’s been difficult to find any trace of them from here, so he thought perhaps he could learn more in Ireland.   Our mother’s last request was to be buried in Ireland (2004).  Stephen was unable to attend the ceremony at the time, but longed to visit her final resting place.”

Mr Termini has two sons, Michael and Jesse Rizzuto and Michael has set up a GoFundMe to support his father in his future recovery.

Michelle stated on the GFM page: “My husband and I are recently retired nurses who served on the frontlines of the Covid pandemic.  I didn’t worry about my little brother visiting Ireland, as he is a long-time traveller. 

“Steve’s love of music (we were a very musical family) and art appreciation were (thankfully) passed on to his children. We feel so very helpless as none of us can afford the trip to be with him in his time of dire need.

“I understand that he may lose one of his eyes and suffer lifelong disability from this unfortunate incident.   Thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers.  God bless ye all!”

Sinn Féin councillor for the north inner city, Janice Boylan told RTÉ last week that she didn’t feel safe in some areas of the city.

Cllr Boylan stated she would feel safe on O’Connell Street but not down many of the laneways off the main streets, or Mary Street or Talbot Street.

“I would still be nervous to go into certain parts” she said, and told RTÉ reporter Cian McCormack, that ‘the challenge in this part of the city is a high level of anti-social activity, criminality and targeted assaults on people.

Donations can be made to support Mr Temini at:

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