New from Joanne Hynes: her first autumn collection is here – bold, wild and individual!

by Rose Barrett
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Oh no, she didn’t – oh yes, she did! She swam in her favourite dress, she cuts her own hair, she paints all of her shoes, she collects broken jewels, she dreams wild and lives free but Joanne Hynes didn’t lick it off the stones. And Joanne Hynes first autumn collection is simply fab – wild, unconventional, bold and pure SASSY!

Above: Boudoir Muse Lady Print Midi dress with embroidered Slogan Jumper with studded sleeves, nylon and lace bomber jacket with stud embellishment

Do Joanne Hayes your own way. Celebrate being you in your own way with the new autumn collection from Joanne Hynes. Prints are strong and powerful, motifs are jewelled and embellished, seams are highlighted and edges are pumped up. Mix and match your accessories to create a unique and individual look.

The Robot, the Tiger Lady, the Boudoir Muse Lady, the mixed jewels and all the things that make Joanne Hynes at Dunnes Stores identifiable and joyous, are there for you to play with. Above: Robot print dress with layered lace trim and Cailín bag.

“This collection was designed to accentuate the individual, to celebrate your own instincts and to dress up how you feel. It is inspired by our “Oh no, she didn’t” moments. The moments that capture our spirit. The moments when we are at our bravest” – said designer Joanne. Above: Tiger Lady embellished Tee with Tulle sleeves, leather trousers with colour block zip trousers

At Dunnes Stores branches across Dublin, check out the daring Joanne Hynes autumn collection now! Photos Georgia from Not Another Intl

Below: Boudoir Muse Lady Print Midi dress , with Boudoir Muse bag

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