It’s Wine O’clock….with Jean Smullen

by Gazette Reporter
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Look out for a brand-new wine website selling wine directly to the consumer called WineSpark.  So how does it work?

  Well, you pay a €10 per month subscription fee to secures access to member prices on all the wines on their list.  For example, a typical €25 wine in normal retail costs €15 at WineSpark.  They do have a minimum order requirement of 6 bottles but they can be 6 different bottles.

2021 Mantel Blanco Verdejo Traditional Price €19 (WineSpark Price €12.56)

This Spanish wine is made from a grape called Verdejo which is rapidly gaining recognition and rising in popularity with Irish wine drinkers. Verdejo is native to the Spanish white wine region Rueda. This wine is made from grapes, grown in Rueda’s high-altitude vineyards, which means cooler nights and fresher grapes. This wine has lovely citrus aromas and lots of fresh acidity with full bodied flavours of lime, melon and a hint of grapefruit.  This would go down a treat served with grilled prawns dipped in allioli (garlic mayonnaise).

2019 Stepp Pinot Noir Traditional Price €30 (WineSpark Price €17.54)

The home of Pinot Noir is Burgundy where they produce world class wines using this grape. Pinot Noir tends to make a lighter in style of red wine which makes it ideal for drinking during the summer months.  This wine comes from Germany from the Pfalz region and has an intense, juicy, perfumed aromas, it is loaded with red fruit flavours with hints of spice. Try this with grilled salmon or roast chicken and all the trimmings.

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