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by Rachel Cunningham
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Students seeking for last-minute project inspiration could look at what’s going on around them in their capital city, from the influence of youth activists to the positive potential of the apps on their phone.

1. Dublin’s students gathered for a rally last Friday calling on the government to urgently limit greenhouse gas emissions to ensure that Ireland will meet its climate targets.

As part of the youth-led global school strike for climate inspired by Greta Thunberg, the Fridays for Future demonstration took place near Leinster House. Students from Dublin secondary and third level institutions, in addition to some adult organisations, gathered to have their message seen and heard with placards and chanted slogans.

The organisers from Fridays for Future made three central demands, including a future free of fossil-fuels, a “liveable city” and a free of charge public transport system.

2. Flossie and the Beach Cleaners may now be a registered marine environmental charity but it began with the dream of 12-year-old Flossie, who was troubled by plastic pollution and the damage it is doing to our marine life and oceans.

Flossie and the beach cleaners
Flossie Donnelly and Billy Webb Photo: Justin Farrelly.

3. The GoZeroWaste app is one of seven projects shortlisted for Dublin’s open data climate challenge. It was designed to support waste reduction in Dublin and features more than 100 locations where users can spend time, shop and enjoy their city region more sustainably.

The app includes games and prizes and launched a challenge called the Moving Towards Zero Dublin campaign, inviting citizens to take up to 30 actions to reduce their waste and practice new sustainable habits.

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