Call to increase sentencing for gangland thugs

by Gazette Reporter
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An alarming increase of violence linked to organised crime has sparked renewed calls for tougher sentencing of gangland thugs.

“The prevalence of gangland crime across Ireland is a dark stain on our country and has no place in our communities. 

Increasing maximum sentences will send a clear message that we will not tolerate criminal gangs in our communities, the Fine Gael TD has said. 

Deputy Neale Richmond called for the swiftest possible passing of the Criminal Justice Bill to ensure hardened criminal thugs stay off our streets.

We owe it to these communities, often decimated by gangland crimes, their influence and drug use, to stand up to these criminal thugs and get them off our streets,” he said.

“Amongst other measures, Minister McEntee’s Criminal Justice Bill increases the maximum sentences for conspiracy to murder from the current ten years, to a life sentence.

“This sends the strongest possible message to criminal thugs: there is no place for you in our communities and we will ensure that you are brought to justice.”

Neale Richmond TD

Deputy Richmond says that more needs to be done to aid the Gardaí in tackling the problem.

“Our Gardaí are working tirelessly on a daily basis to detect and intercept these heinous crimes and ensure they do not take place; seizing dirty money that is the result of these crimes and protecting our young people from a life of crime.

“However, this does not mean that those who conspire to carry out these crimes should receive a lesser sentence,” he says.

“The intention to commit the worst imaginable crime should be taken as seriously as any other heinous crime in the eyes of the law.

“These gangland criminals are the worst of what society has to offer and they must receive the strongest possible punishments to ensure their actions are not replicated.

“Increased maximum sentences for gangland thugs will keep our communities safe and ensure the hard work of our Gardaí is matched by appropriate sentences,” Deputy Richmond said.

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