Family of Rossfield victims have suffered too much loss says celebrity star

by Rose Barrett
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Traveller celebrity star Hughie Maughan from Ballymun says the family of the Rossfield tragedy has already suffered too much pain and loss. The Big Brother runner up from 2016 says he only learnt of the family’s pain in recent days.

“Last Sunday was a very sad day within the Traveller Community – it was just horrific and so tragic. You couldn’t imagine this happening to your own family, could you?

“Then you hear stories like this, it’s so scary and you realise you know of the family. I hope the wider community of Tallaght comes forward to support the mother and brother who are left behind,” said Hughie.

“I realised that the man charged with the murders of his siblings was only a young boy when his father died tragically.

“It’s unusual even within the Traveller Community for a widow to move on and re-marry but this showed how strong this woman was.

Flowers left at the family home in Rossfield Avenue where the three siblings died last weekend. Photo Sasko Lazarov/

“I was told in the past few days that her second husband died the night that the twins Chelsea and Christy were christened. And now this, it’s just horrendous.

“I thought the Carrickmines tragedy was the worst ever, I never thought I’d see another tragedy on a par with that, till now.

Celebrity star Hughie Maughan says the Traveller Community is devastated at the family’s suffering

“My heart goes out to this family, she will need the support of all the community, Travellers and the settled community. I cannot say again how much I feel for this woman and her son. It’s just awful.”

Hughie had posted comments on his FB page after the man was officially charged on Monday last.

“He had been officially charged and named but I removed the post as it was generating a lot of conversation and I didn’t want to seem insensitive or to jeopardise the case in any way.”

Tallaght Travellers offered heartfelt condolences to the grieving family.

“We are still in shock here, it has sent shock waves through the Traveller Community in Tallaght, and indeed all across the country,” said a spokesperson for the group which is based at Brookfield Road in Jobstown.

“We cannot comment on the tragedy, except to offer our sincerest sympathy and heartfelt sorrow.”

It is understood the family have lived in the Tallaght area for the past 30 years.

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