Call for more homes on O’Connell Street

Move would help housing problems and public safety concerns claims MEP

by Gazette Reporter
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A call was made this week for more residential use of buildings on O’Connell Street to respond to the housing crisis and to improve safety on the street. 

In a submission to the Dublin City Planning Officer, MEP Ciaran Cuffe proposed that a focus on residential use, rather than office use, should be included as a condition for granting permission for the redevelopment of sites on the street. 

The Green representative also put forward a strategy for the Planning Authority to apply this principle more broadly to pressure prospective developers to provide a greater proportion of housing in developments in the city centre and elsewhere. 

 “In a housing crisis, the first question we should be asking every prospective developer is: ‘How do you propose to boost residential use of this site?’ Where it’s possible to create new residential spaces, that needs to be our number one priority. I think it’s a condition we need to set before we grant approval for development of sites, like this one on Upper O’Connell Street,” he stressed.

Mr Cuffe added: “More lights in the windows in the evening on O’Connell Street would also make people feel safer, support the Gardaí, and make the street a nicer place to be. Only a handful of people live on our capital street. I want to increase this to make it a safer and more pleasant street for all.”

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