Councillor brands removal of public consultation ‘undemocratic’

by Rachel Cunningham
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By Rachel Cunningham

A People Before Profit councillor has called the removal of public consultation from council housing projects undemocratic.

The comments, made by Councillor Madeleine Johansson, came after several housing projects have been proposed by South Dublin County Council under the new Part 8 derogation. 

The Part 8 derogation introduced by the government means that new housing projects will not be open for public consultation and will require no vote by local councillors.

Under the normal Part 8 system, the council would have to open all proposals to an eight-week public consultation before local councillors finally vote to approve, amend or not approve the planning proposal.

Under the new system, housing projects can simply be decided by council management without input from either the public or elected representatives.

Several projects in the South Dublin County Council area will be going ahead under the new system, including at Sarsfield Park in Lucan and Bawnogue in Clondalkin.

“The new system of planning housing projects is completely undemocratic. It means that members of the public and local councillors will have no official input into the projects,” said Councillor Johansson.

“I think people should have the right to have their views heard about issues that affect them and their local area. 

“While the government has said that this is a temporary measure, I’m very concerned that it will be extended beyond 2024. This is yet another removal of power from local councillors to unelected council managers.

“Ireland has one of the most centralised systems of local government in Europe. It’s very concerning that even more powers are now being given to unelected officials.”

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