Popstar Lea Heart, Tik Tok Star Lauren Whelan and Celebrity Makeup Artist Ben Sun launch Higher Education at Boots 

by Alison O'Hanlon

To celebrate the launch of Higher Education Skincare into Boots stores across Ireland, the LA based brand jetted into Dublin to take over the store in Liffey Valley, with a DJ creating an electric atmosphere. Special guests Chart Topping Popstar Lea Heart, Tik Tok.

Superstar Lauren Whelan and Celebrity Makeup Artist Ben Sun were on hand to meet and greet their fans and showcase the Gen Z focussed, millennial brand.  

Clean beauty at its best, Higher Education’s range consists of products packed with effective and safe ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Bentonite Clay and Fractionated Melanin to help create healthy skin, preserve its youth, and keep it glowing!

Tik Tok Star Lauren Whelan ,Ben Sun and Popstar Lea Heart pictured with fans

Their range of offerings are housed in bright, bold packaging, crafted from 100% previously recycled materials,playing a huge part in Higher Education’s sustainability initiative in their quest to become a fully eco-conscious beauty brand in the future.

With a product range spanning ‘Goal Digger’ Soothing Gel Crème, ‘Cram Session’ Blue Light Blocking Moisturiser, ‘Double Major’ Hyaluronic Acid Gel Moisturiser, ‘Easy A’ Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Pads, and ‘Greek Week’ Hydrating Probiotic Mask, to name but a few, the brand caters to all skin types from Sensitive to Acne-Prone.

Founded in 2018, the brand was designed with the aim of creating a simple yet effective skincare brand of the highest quality. Deb Nash, the brand’s founder, is an industry veteran and former aesthetician who has worked with a leading dermatologist and cosmetic chemist to create a full collection of products specifically for the younger generation, using the highest quality and sustainable ingredients, with no animal testing, and with the aim to care for healthy skin for the long term.

The Higher Education Skincare range, (RRP from €9.95 – €48.95) is now available at www.boots.ie and in 40 stores nationwide, with the unique Online Skin Analysis Tool available via www.highereducationskincare.com

Photos by Brian McEvoy

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