Health professionals advised to top up protection with ‘Flu and Covid vaccines

by Rose Barrett
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Chief Health and Social Care Professions (HSCP) Officer, Fiona Steed is today encouraging other HSCPs to boost their protection against ‘flu and COVID by getting vaccinated.

Speaking as she received her ‘flu vaccine and COVID booster last week, the Chief HSCP Officer advised all those eligible, but in particular HSPC colleagues, to avail of the opportunity to boost their protection before the respiratory virus season reaches its peak. 

Vaccines for healthcare workers can be administered at walk-in vaccination clinics and for others at a GP or pharmacist. Both vaccines can be administered at the same time.

The seasonal vaccination programme offers a ‘flu vaccine in the form of a nasal spray for those aged two to seventeen years with an injectable ‘flu vaccine for all other eligible groups.

A COVID booster is also available for those aged 50 and over, and certain other categories including those who are immunocompromised. Chief HSCP Officer, Fiona Steed said:

“Vaccines are a safe and effective way to protect ourselves, our families and the people who use our services from the respiratory illnesses that circulate at this time of year.  

“Walk-in vaccination clinics like the one I am in today are operating around the country for healthcare workers. Being able to get both vaccines at the same time is a quick and easy way to boost our protection and minimise the risk of serious illness.

“Young children in particular can become very sick from ‘flu so I would encourage parents to consider the nasal spray ‘flu vaccine which is dispensed quickly and painlessly.”

Healthcare workers can avail of free COVID-19 and ‘flu vaccines at walk-in vaccination clinics. Details of locations nationwide are available here.

The ‘flu vaccine is available free of charge for all persons over 65 years of age, children aged 2-17, pregnant women,  patients aged 6-23 months and 13-64 years at increased risk of flu-related complications, residents of bursing homes and other long stay facilities; healthcare workers; household contacts of people with underlying conditions or Down Syndrome; out of home care givers (carers for people who have an underlying chronic health condition or have Down syndrome).

Children who missed out on the ‘flu vaccine in school can still get it through GPs and pharmacies

Featured image: Fiona Steed, Chief HSCP Officer, Department of Health pictured getting her ‘flu and COVID vaccines from Ann Noonan, Lead flu peer vaccinator.
Pic: Don Moloney

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