80pc of Children don’t consume the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables

by Rose Barrett
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Parents are concerned over children’s health and immunity this Autumn. Research undertaken in advance of the 2023/4 school year, shows that almost 8 in 10 parents claim they aim to keep their children healthy during school term by providing them with a healthy diet / ensuring that they are eating a variety of foods, just over half claim they use vitamins and supplements. Parents aged 18-34 are more likely to claim they keep their children safe during school term by using vitamins and supplements.

Only 1 in 5 parents claim their child is consuming five portions of fruits and vegetables everyday.

As the school run returns, so too do the myriad of concerns that parents have. Just over half of parents claim their main concerns about their children going back to school is illness, with almost the same proportion worried about their children socialising with peers, while just over a third claim schoolwork and keeping grades high is their biggest concern. 

Parents aged 45+ are significantly less likely to claim their main concern about their children going back to school is illness, while they are more likely to claim their main concern is schoolwork and keeping grades high.

The research also revealed how parents of school-going children are experiencing ‘lunchbox anxiety’. Nearly a thirdof parents find it difficult to come up with new ideas for lunchbox items while females are more likely to claim they find it difficult to present new ideas on a daily basis.  Inspiration for lunchboxes is most likely to come from friends

Growing children need to absorb vital nutrients from their food but to do so they need to be eating enough of the right foods. The Vivio® Junior expert Clinical Nutritionist is supporting parents in providing a holistic approach to ensure that their children are prepared for the season ahead.

Éva Hill Hamilton, Clinical Nutritionist comments, “We know that preparing school lunches for children can pose a problem for many parents. Selecting colourful fresh fruit and vegetables balanced with protein and healthy fats will provide them with a spectrum of nutrients that bolsters the immune system. Getting your children involved in lunchbox preparation may encourage them to eat what they’ve made and get the new school term off to a good start.

“To further support children’s development and overall health when not enough fruit and vegetables are consumed, I recommend adopting a comprehensive strategy by incorporating a multivitamin tonic to provide additional nutrients, as well as introducing a probiotic supplement containing live bacteria. This will aid in enhancing their gut wellbeing, help with nutrient absorption, and supporting their immunity.

“if your child acquires a cough or cold this term, be attentive to natural remedies that alleviate the symptoms without suppressing them. Remember, coughs act as the body’s innate defence mechanism to expel and safeguard against harmful substances.”

Whether your little ones need nutritional support going back to school, natural protection for any niggling coughs during winter or digestive and immune support throughout the year, Vivio® Junior has you covered with a range encompassing Vivio® Junior Multivitamin Tonic, Vivio® Junior Tummies Live Bacteria and Vivio® Junior Cough Syrup. To purchase, visit your local pharmacy or viviojunior.com

*Empathy Research conducted on behalf of Vivio® Junior in August 2023.

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