Beauty Matters – and it surely does!

by Rose Barrett
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Lijana McGuire of Beauty Matters Blanchardstown is an experienced and qualified beauty therapist of some 18 years. Living and working in Blanchardstown, she has been married to an Irishman since 2001.  

Originally from Lithuania, Lijana is well familiar with the needs of Dublin clients, and has upskilled in all modern beauty techniques and treatments.

“I’m so grateful to my clients for their continued support. I enjoy working with leading brands such as Dermalogica delivering treatments such as facials, peels, eyelash extensions, waxing and from the New Year, I will provide Pro Micro Needling.

Beauty matters

“The name may sound off putting but this is an exciting new treatment that is really taking off – this entails permanent makeup treatments to enhance your brows and lips naturally.” Lijana noted this does not mean pumped up lips, simply a permanent colour added to your lips.  

Better than that, in October last, Lijana had the privilege of participating in The WULOP championships and went on to represent Ireland in the World Championships in Turkey, specifically in the Lip Blush category. 

“What’s Lip Blush, you might well ask,” says Lijana. “It’s a gentle non-invasive semi permanent makeup to enhance natural lips, replace lost pigment and to improve symmetry of the lips. It will make your lips look fuller and more radiant!”

WULOP is a semi-permanent make-up competition that runs in countries across the globe. “It’s been running in Ireland for about five years now,” she said. “I took courage and competed among the best in Ireland, and to my surprise I came second in this category. As a result, I was invited to go to Turkey in November to represent Ireland in the international Lip Blush competition. 

“I was chuffed to meet amazing artists from different parts of the world, to learn more from them and I made new beauty friends who invited me to represent Ireland in Indonesia in 2024 as a judge! So, I will be carrying the Irish flag once again,” said the adopted Dublin woman. 

Would you like to give your lips a lift – I’ve seen this done, when a friend in her forties underwent the treatment. After only a day, the swollen lips returned to their normal shape and now permanently look like they have a soft natural lipstick applied! Very natural looking.

If you’d like to try this amazing treatment, why not contact Lijana at 087 933 5508 for a free consultation.

Alternatively, to book in for a facial, eye lash extensions or manicure, to secure gift vouchers or make New Year appointments, contact Lijana directly or see Instagram Beauty_Matters_Blanchardstown or Beauty Matters Blanchardstown on FB.

A gift of beauty will never be frowned upon. Beauty Matters always!

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