Harvesting rainfall thanks to Wavin

by Rose Barrett
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How often do we complain about the rain? One social enterprise in Dublin’s North-West Inner City is harvesting this valuable resource (rainfall) to create little oases in the urban landscape.

Bí Urban’s NatureRx Rain Garden pilot project located in Stoneybatter, Dublin uses roof top rain-water run-off to create mini rain gardens as a nature-based solution to address multiple urban issues.

Wavin Ireland is providing the pipes needed to allow these rain gardens to function. 

Designed to fit neatly into suitable available space beside a downpipe, these garden planters harvest the rain and divert it through a purpose-built garden with the aim of diminishing urban run-off. 

The Rain Gardens are designed to be easy to create and polliinator friendly plants are specifically suggested that can adapt to both damp and dry periods so that the garden is self-sustaining and low maintenance. 

To date, Bí Urban has 100 gardens underway in North West Inner City Dublin and the gardens are being monitored by University College Dublin’s Department of Civil Engineering to assess impact on storm water management in the area.

To see more, visit https://www.biurban.ie/rain-garden-project and www.wavin.ie

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