GUINNESS Storehouse and ‘Seanchoíche’ unite to bring stories and pints on tour!

by Rose Barrett
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Events to pop up at Guinness Storehouse and pubs in Donegal, Dingle and Westport

 Guinness has announced an exciting new partnership with ‘Seanchoíche’, a magical storytelling experience founded in Dublin 8 and taking on the world. Kicking off in the Guinness Storehouse on 27 July, the one-of-a-kind collaboration will see Guinness and Seanchoíche roll out a series of storytelling nights, featuring ordinary people telling extraordinary stories shared over a creamy pint of the black stuff.

With sell-out nights across Dublin and now across the globe, Seanchoíche (pronounced shanna-key-ha) represents a resurgence in the ageless Irish tradition of connection through storytelling. The partnership with Guinness – a four-part series – will bring all the magic that has come to be expected from Seanchoíche to a select number of pubs around Ireland.

The partnership launches with an event in the Guinness Storehouse, in the heart of Dublin’s Liberties in D8. The area is renowned for its cultural significance as well as it’s brewing and distilling history and where all started for Seanchoíche. The Guinness Storehouse recently launched it’s ‘Lovely Day for a Visit’ summer experience, capturing the best of the Irish outdoors under one roof.

Attendees will hear from some of the most prolific storytellers hosted since it began in 2021, including Mikey Cullen, whose performance at Seanchoíche in Dublin amassed over 1 million views online. Stories from deep within the archives at the Guinness storehouse will be resurfaced and told along the evening as well. From there, Guinness and Seanchoíche will continue its storytelling journey in three intimate pub settings including The Harbour Bar in Donegal on 3 August, Dick Mack’s in Dingle on 10 August and Matt Molloy’s in Mayo on 24 August.

Seanchoíche founder Ciaran Gaffney said, “We are delighted to work with Guinness and take Seanchoíche on tour in Ireland! From the start, our aim has always been to give everyone who attends an authentic taste of Ireland, its stories and now its vibrant pub scene. This collaboration will really help us to continue the revival of the age-old tradition of storytelling in a contemporary way. The series of events will showcase the beauty, power and truth in storytelling, which already has a huge heritage in the pub and contributes so massively to Ireland’s rich cultural tapestry.”

Seanchoíche is an inclusive and welcoming space, featuring stories from all walks of life. Every Seanchoíche event has a theme that storytellers are invited to base their stories. These themes range from ‘home’ to ‘fear’, ‘resilience’, and ‘confession’.

“It is so inspiring to see people connecting through storytelling again – we love what Seanchoíche represents and Guinness is thrilled to be partnering with them on this series of events,” said Amber Brown, Senior Culture and Entertainment Manager at Diageo Ireland. “Bringing ordinary people together to tell their extraordinary stories over a pint in some of the most beautiful pubs of Ireland – it is going to be a truly special series!”

Sign up to the Seanchoíche newsletter, or head over to the Seanchoíche Instagram page for further announcements regarding dates, locations, and ticketing details for each event in the series. Local storytellers and members of the public will have a chance to sign up and not only attend one of these events, but also apply to tell their own story. To find out more visit

Event Dates:

  • Dublin – Guinness Storehouse, Thursday, 27 July
  • Donegal – The Harbour Bar, Thursday, 3 August
  • Kerry – Dick Mack’s, Thursday, 10 August
  • Mayo – Matt Molloy’s, Thursday, 24 August

Ticket Sale Dates:

  • Dublin – Thursday, 13 July
  • Donegal – Friday, 14 July
  • Kerry and Mayo – Thursday, 20 July

The launch event in the Guinness Storehouse forms part of the line up for The Liberties Festival, taking place from 24-30 July.

Guinness x Seanchoíche events to pop up in the Guinness Storehouse and pubs in Donegal, Dingle and Westport this summer.

Tickets for the first the Guinness Storehouse are now on sale! Tickets for Donegal go on sale tomorrow, 14 July at 2pm.

Get your tickets here for Guinness Storehouse, Dublin:

Get your tickets here for The Harbour Bar, Donegal:

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