Griffith College Business Graduates Showcase their Digital Transformation Plans 

by Gazette Reporter
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The Dublin Gazette strives not only to deliver high-quality news stories but also to innovate and transform the experiences of readers and customers.

To this end, the newspaper partnered in February with current Griffith College, Dublin, MSc students in International Business Management as part of their Digital Business module. 

The student’s mission was to use their diverse experience, expertise and newly gained Griffith knowledge to deliver business and digital transformation pitches, using Dublin Gazette as their Case Study. 

This mission culminated with all student teams studying presenting at historic Griffith College (once a barracks) Dublin campus having the opportunity to pitch their team proposals to the Dublin Gazette in the Guinness Enterprise Centre in the centre of Dublin, now a business centre for innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Jamie A Kelly, the Griffith College Lecturer who led the engagement with the Dublin Gazette, stated: “This collaboration exemplifies that when you bring together local learning institutions, human inspiration and forward-thinking, it has the power and impact to deliver innovation in customer experience excellence and added local to global readership value and connectedness”. 

On the day, one winning team, ‘Mals’, delivered real insight, inspiration and innovation in their proposal. On the day, all the teams were winners with their respective ideas, given the fantastic standard of the Digital Business pitches.

PHOTO – Griffith College Digital Business Winning Team with Jamie A Kelly and the Dublin Gazette

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