Irish sixth most stressed in Europe says new study 

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Greece has been ranked the most stressful country in Europe with Ireland coming in at number six in the new study.

The report carried out by CBD experts examined European countries on the following categories to discover the continent’s most stressed countries:  

  • Depression prevalence – estimated share of the population who had depressive disorders in the past year, whether or not they were diagnosed.
  • Anxiety prevalence – estimated share of the population who had anxiety disorders in the past year, whether or not they were diagnosed.
  • Reports of stress levels – % of respondents who said they experienced this feeling frequently.
  • Reports of sadness levels – % of respondents who said they experienced this feeling frequently.
  • Reports of enjoyment levels – % of respondents who said they have not experienced this feeling frequently.
  • Average weekly hours worked – average number of actual weekly hours worked per week for ages 15-64.

Each factor was then included in an index to create an overall ‘Stress Score’ out of 100.

The study reveals that Greece is the most stressed country in Europe, totalling the highest Stress Score of 71.8 out of 100. 

Turkey ranks as the second most-stressed country in Europe. 

Portugal places as the third most stressed country in Europe. The Iberian nation has the third highest rate of depression in Europe at 5.88% of respondents reporting frequent feelings of depression, in addition to having the highest rates of anxiety with 9.08% of residents reporting frequent feelings of anxiety, making Portugal the third most stressed European country with a Stress Score of 68.4 out of 100. 

Malta and Cyprus rank fourth and fifth respectively with Ireland slotting in behind them.  

Most stressed ranking Country Total Stress Score (out of 100)
Greece 71.8
Turkey 71.2
Portugal 68.4
Malta 51.4
Cyprus 50.4
Ireland 49.2
Spain  48.6
Italy 46.7
France 44.6
10 Switzerland41.7

In contrast, Denmark ranks as the least stressed country in Europe with a Stress Score of 21.7 out of 100. When broken down, only 12% of respondents claimed to often feel little enjoyment and pleasure, the second lowest behind Iceland, low feelings of frequent stress at just 21% of respondents citing this and only 5.43% of respondents feeling anxious frequently.

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson for said, “The past five years have provided a constant source of uncertainty for many due to increased cost-of-living, the pandemic and more, so it’s no surprise to see that stress levels across Europe are so high. 

“This list highlights that all around the continent people live in varying situations regarding their lifestyles, yet clearly some countries are more likely to result in their residents having sleepless nights due to stress.

Stress can be reduced in numerous ways, ranging from small changes in lifestyle to consultations with medical professionals, however these findings offer a fascinating insight into the geographical disparity in Europe when it comes to feelings of worry and stress.”  

The study was conducted by, who are committed to providing reliable and honest information about CBD products and other natural nutritional supplements, offering the best CBD health products and providing first-class customer service.

 Ukraine and Russia were omitted from rankings due to the ongoing war.

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