Cabin crew pals plead for support for former’wonderful’ colleague

Vivacious Stephanie diagnosed with motor neurone disease

by Rose Barrett
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Cabin crew colleagues Fiona and Anne Gillespie were devastated when crew member and stewardess Stephanie Scott Byrne was diagnosed with motor neurone disease earlier this year.

In January last, the mother of one was given her diagnosis and within months had to give up work.

“Stephanie’s love of her job as a cabin crew member with Aer Lingus, her love of people and her love of fun was infectious,” said Anne and Fiona online.

“Mike her husband has given up his job to be her sole carer and to parent their daughter April aged 9 years. Sadly, Stephanie is unable to return to work.

“As such, we are hoping to raise much needed funds through a GoFundMe campaign for our wonderful colleague and friend Stephanie who joined the cabin crew in 2005.

“We would like to raise as much funds as possible to support and help Stephanie, Mike and April through the challenging times ahead.”

To date, the GoFundMe campaign has raised around €56,000. Sadly, Stephanie’s health has recently deteriorated.

The family were overwhelmed with the public’s generosity and the surge of goodwill to Stephanie.

Her husband Mike posted: “Hi Everyone, we are so grateful for all the generosity of your efforts to help us. If Stephanie was well enough, she would be thanking you personally.

“Unfortunately, her illness has progressed, and basic communication is a burden for her. When I showed her this page she was overwhelmed, and I am equally humbled by the kindness of each and every one of you. Thank you so much” – Steph and Mike.

Anne and Fiona urge people to donate, no matter how small or big a donation – every cent will go towards Stephanie’s care and for April’s future. Donations please to

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