Gaz Talks: Can’t we all just get along?

by Gazette Reporter
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Yer man Murphy has a grand auld beard all the same. It really suits him. I came across a picture of him before the beard the other day and sure ye wouldn’t recognise him. He certainly seems a more dashing chap once he’s a bit more hirsute.

I just wish he’d have a bit more cop on at times though. I saw during the week he was going writing to councils asking them to get the finger out on the whole housing crisis – and him the Minster for Housing. It strikes me as a bit odd. Would ye not be tryin’ to get them onside like and work together?

I dabbled with the bit of whacky baccy when I was a young fella but I’m no hippy or anything like that but I do sometimes think: “Can’t we all just get along?”

I mean, as soon as Murphy sends off that letter, all the other parties start tearing strips off him – what did he expect was going to happen? That’s the way this whole politics thing works really, isn’t it?

I say Guinness is the best so the other fella says Beamish is the best, even though the other fella might also quite like Guinness and I quite like Beamish as well. But it’s the party line so they have to go along with it to some degree and they have to attack the other party.

Sure, ye’d wonder what good that does a country at all.

Wasn’t it great to see them all out earlier this year when they were campaigning for the Yes vote. It didn’t matter what party they were from, they all got together and put aside their differences and ye know wha’? They delivered a bloody landslide.

I know there’s plenty that weren’t in favour of that result but it did show what people can do if they put their little differences aside and work together for something bigger.

I’m sick of seeing young fellas and young wans either having to leave this bleedin’ deadly city because they can’t afford a mortgage or to even rent a place for themselves. That, or they’re stuck at home at 30-odd, driving their ma and da mad and vice versa.

And that’s not the worst of it. Look at all those poor families stuck in hotels, sometimes miles away from their school and the rest of their family.

I reckon if ever there was a movement that all the politicians should unite behind then it’s making sure everyone has a roof over their head.

Still though, I don’t envy the politicians. It’s a tough auld job. I could never do it.
Sure if I did, I’d never get Davy off me bleedin’ doorstep!

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