Gardening in Tune with Nature with BGG

by Rose Barrett
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Most of know of the huge environmental challenges we face in Ireland and beyond, from habitat loss and decreasing biodiversity to the threats faced by bees, other pollinators and our wildlife. But what can we do, asks Rose Barrett?

Horticulturist Aoife Munn will join Blanchardstown Gardening Group (BGG) on Friday, September 29 at 2pm to help us learn how to create a place that is a sanctuary filled with life and understand how to be creative without causing damage to the nature living around us.

When compared with huge areas of woodlands or countryside, our gardens can be extremely small, surrounded by urban development with limited plant species. The usual methods of seed dispersal are not as easily delivered, so it’s very important to learn practical ways to encourage biodiversity to protect our wildlife.

“Even though not all of us are lucky enough to have a small patch of green space, we can do so much in other ways by building connections with communities through encouraging activities to raise awareness and garden for wellbeing in spaces together. If not we gardeners, then who will? 

“There’s great power in knowing that plants can heal us, and feed us and bring us joy, whether that is on our balcony, on our windowsill, in our garden or in our allotments,” says one of the members, Michelle.  “Everyone is welcome to drop by for this free, informative and fun talk.”

Fingal Libraries lend their support to the BGG for their regular meet ups at Blanchardstown Library, where guest speakers are invited to engage with the entire community of D 15. The diverse community that exists within the group is fostered by each member. Various lectures and workshops that are organised by the voluntary group and free to attend. See their FB page or contact Michelle at [email protected] 

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