Clubcard Unpacked reveals our favourite food choices

by Rachel Cunningham
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You’ve heard of Spotify Unwrapped but have you heard of Tesco Ireland Clubcard Unpacked?

The supermarket chain has revealed the answers to Ireland’s largest shopping questions, answering what tea and ketchup brands the country favours.

In 2023, customers drank their way through over 2.3m boxes of tea bags, with over half of Dublin customers (57 per cent) purchasing Barry’s tea bags over the 43 per cent who reached for Lyons.  

Clubcard data also revealed a preference for Heinz over Chef tomato ketchup, with 81 per cent of Dubliners choosing Heinz.

Milk was the most commonly purchased item last year, ranking first, second, third and fifth in the top five list of most purchased items.

The fourth spot was pipped by Tesco’s Ripe & Ready Avocado,a surprise item that knocked Irish favourites such as Brennan’s Sliced Pan off the top five list. 

Over 11.7m bags of cheese and onion and salt and vinegar crisps were consumed in 2023, the former being the most popular by 67 per cent, and Tayto crisps was the firm favourite over King, winning by a 96 per cent majority.

The nation’s favourite meal deal combination was the Tesco Chicken Tikka Wrap 186G, Walkers cheese and onion crisps 32.5G and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar 330ml. 

The new Clubcard Unpacked video will be available to all Clubcard members through the Clubcard section of the Tesco Ireland app and will include a look at people’s top three most shopped items, favourite aisle, most-visited store and most-loved reward partners.

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