Get a taste of home with the return of this popular TV show

by Rebecca Ryan
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Three Dublin families will feature in the new series of popular TV show Tastes Like Home, starring celebrity chef Catherine Fulvio.

Six incredible cities, twelve emotive families and food from around the globe is the recipe for this year’s fourth season of the show.

The series began with Chef Catherine Fulvio spending time with Rosemary Wilson from Drimnagh where they discuss how Rosemary’s daughter Una in lives in Paris. Rosemary teaches Catherine how to make her daughter Una’s favourite dish, Stout Soused Herrings.

Catherine then travels to Paris in the hope of replicating Rosemary’s dish and bring a taste like home to Una, her French husband Jean-Christophe and their two children Alanna and Dara.

Coming up next on the show is The Magalhães Family. Sofia and husband Tiago Magalhães, who are Portuguese but now live in Windy Arbour in Dublin hit the spotlight on our screens on November 18.

Catherine travels to Faro in Portugal to learn from Magalhães’ friends how to cook the iconic Portuguese dish a “Cataplana” which is the taste of Portugal they miss the most.

The pressure is then on when Catherine travels back to Windy Arbour to cook up her Algarve Cataplana and her Fig, Almond and Chocolate Tea Cake – so fingers crossed it ‘tastes like home’ for Sofia and Tiago.

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Sofia said: “It was an honour to be part of the programme representing our country and culture. We had so much fun with the team and Catherine.

“And the food was gorgeous! It will always be a beautiful memory from our time in Ireland. Thank you!”

Then on Monday December 2, the Matkovic family feature. Ljiljana and Dalibor Matkovic are from Osijek, Croatia but now living in Clondalkin.

In the episode, Catherine meets Ljiljana’s sister-in-law in Croatia to learn how to cook the iconic Croatian dish “Sarma” which is the taste of Croatia they miss the most. Catherine then travels back to Clondalkin in the hopes of getting the thumbs up from the Matkovics!

Iceland May 2019

Ljiljana said of her experience “Like a magician, Catherine brought the scents of Croatia and my home to Dublin.

“I thought I was dreaming, and then with the taste and aroma of sarma, with a wonderful team that recorded everything,

“I realised this is the moment when dreams come true. Priceless!”

Catherine Fulvio said: “I am always surprised by the power that a childhood food memory has for some people especially those who have since moved abroad. ‘Tastes like Home’ has once again allowed me to help to try and make that connection for some of our families now living apart.”

Tastes Like Home is on RTE every Monday at 7pm until December 9.

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