Meet the Dublin man behind the vegan ‘chick*n’ fillet roll

by Rebecca Ryan
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Most countries have food that they are well known for. France has snails, Italy has pasta, Greece has souvlaki, India has curries, Spain has paella, England has Yorkshire puddings, and Ireland has… well yes, bacon and cabbage, but even more so… The Chicken Fillet Roll.

One man who has been successful in making his own version of the chicken fillet roll is Sam Pearson.

After completing the Start Your Own Business course by Dublin City Local Enterprise Office, Sam wanted to create a vegan business with his own niche. He started to think of the foods he used to eat before going vegan like chicken fillet rolls, ham and cheese sandwiches, McMuffin’s – and has since become famous for making the vegan versions.

His company, Vegan Sandwich Co, is passionate about creating plant based sandwiches “that’ll make you forget meat for good.”

Dublin Gazette caught up with the Dublin based food producer during the week to find out more about him and get the inside info into his famous fillet roll.

When did you become vegan?

I have been vegan for nearly three years now and have no intention of ever going back. Throughout my life, I have always dabbled in vegetarianism and veganism, but it was when I was finally in a stable job and home, cooking all of my own meals, that I felt it was time to commit to veganism for good.

The reason I am vegan is multifaceted, but revolves mostly around making more ethical decisions for animals and the planet.

Do you think there is a good variety of vegan food options in Ireland?

I saw recently that Dublin is the top rated city for vegan options according to Tripadvisor, but honestly there is a long way to go in my view before Ireland is at capacity for plant based options.

Tell us about your ‘vegan chick*n fillet roll’ which went viral at this year’s Stoneybatter Festival.

One day, I pulled together the constituent parts for a vegan chick*n fillet roll – some homemade fried seitan, mayo, vegan cheeze, lettuce, tomato in a sourdough roll. Next thing I knew, had written an article about it as I apparently had “everyone in Dublin going crazy”.

It was something I hadn’t really experienced before. Feedback has been amazing but despite that I’m still working hard on a few new exciting things to ensure everyone has their perfect vegan chick*n fillet roll combo.

What sets your sandwiches apart from the rest?

I really try to get creative with my plant based sandwiches as I think we’re just about at saturation point for falafel and grated carrot.

I create all my own plant based meat substitutes, cheeze, sauces and salads to create unique combinations many wouldn’t think possible with a plant based diet.

How can people hear more about you and taste some of your famous sandwiches?

If you’d like to follow my journey, you can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

I’m at Twilight Market at Honest2Goodness in Glasnevin every Thursday evening from 5pm – 9pm with my vegan chick*n fillet rolls and at Honest2Goodness Market every Saturday with my menu of vegan breakfast muffins.

Follow Sam and his journey @vegansandwichco on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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