A new kind of potato base could be spud-tacular for pizzas

by Gary Ibbotson
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Coming from a construction background, Craig Grattan didn’t think he’d ever enter the food industry – especially as an innovator.

“About six years ago, I became physically active and health-conscious of the foods I was consuming in my daily diet,” says Grattan, founder of The Sweet Potato Pizza Co.

One weekend, Grattan experimentally used sweet potato to make a pizza base and everything changed.

“Over the course of months that followed, I researched the frozen pizza industry and realised that there was an opening for a healthier-style pizza, whilst perfecting my recipe for my pizza.

“I decided to take my products to a farmers’ market to get the public’s reactions and thoughts.

“Honest2Goodness Farmer’s Market in Glasnevin was the first market that gave me the opportunity to sell my product, which I will always be grateful for.

“There are three products at present, all nine-inch pizzas. The toppings have been chosen based on research and, more importantly, people’s feedback,” says Grattan.

The Sweet Potato Pizza Co is the first of its kind in the Irish market and launches this week into SuperValu, in north Dublin and north county Dublin as part of the SuperValu Food Academy Programme.

The Sweet Potato Pizza Co’s current offerings include chorizo, feta cheese and spinach leaf; parma ham, mushrooms and fresh rocket; and sundried tomato, red onion and spinach leaf.

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