Dublin mum launches superfood snacks, inspired by her daughter

by Dublin Gazette
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A Dublin mum, Noele McEvoy, created something special in her home kitchen, after being inspired to help her daughter battle health issues.

Noele’s daughter, who was 13 at the time, suffered from severe eczema, and her doctor told her to cut out dairy, wheat and white sugar, which wasn’t ideal for the young girl at her friends’ birthday parties. As a result, Noele started making chocolates and desserts for parties and sleepovers for her daughter and her pals.

Noele felt that she was on to something with the snacks, made using only natural and wholefood ingredients, and started to spend more time at her kitchen table honing the final products.

Each snack is made using a tiny number of organic ingredients. The chocolate is made using cacao and coconut sugar and Noele adds deep roasted nuts and fruit for the 4 products, Peanut Butter Cups, Hazelnut Clusters, Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts and Raspberry Chocolate Raisins. There is nothing else added, no palm oil or flavourings.

Supernature was launched late last year and has since secured a nationwide distribution deal, and is available in over 1,000 convenience and health food outlets throughout Ireland, UK and Europe.

Noele said: “It’s a passion project and I totally believed in what we were doing. It became my dream to have snacks available in everyday stores, so that Laura and everyone else who loved chocolate but wanted or needed to have a healthier alternative could simply go to their local convenience or health store and find Supernature.”

Check out a recipe for Noele’s Christmas Cake using Supernature products below.



1 kilo of mixed dried fruit
2 cups of fruit juice (whichever juice you like – apple, orange, cranberry)
2 cups of self-raising flour (gluten free if you fancy)
Then for the Supernature twist: 2 packs of Supernature Raspberry Chocolate Raisins 2 packs of Supernature Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts


· Place mixed dried fruit in medium saucepan
· Pour over the fruit juice
· Bring to the boil
· Simmer for 3 minutes
· Remove from the heat
· Leave to cool for 2 hours
· Preheat the oven to 150oC for fan and 170oC for conventional
· Line a 20cm round tin
· Sift flour over soaked fruit and stir well until completely combined
· Add another half cup of juice if needed to make a moist mixture
· Pour in Supernature treats and stir in
· Pour into the cake tin and bake for 2 hours
· Remove and leave to cool in the tin
· Wrap in foil and keep in an air-tight container

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