Monkstown’s prayers for authentic Italian fare are answered by Attico

by Rebecca Ryan
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If you are looking for authentic Italian modern cuisine, Monkstown has a brand-new restaurant to tickle your taste buds.

Attico opened its doors this year and is perfectly located right in the heart of the quaint seaside town.

When you walk in, you are struck by the décor, which is warm and rustic. The welcome is very warm and friendly, with a relaxed atmosphere.

The menu is well thought out and executed with authentic Italian fare at its heart. Their a la carte menu includes an impressive selection of pasta, risotto and gnocchi dishes as well as a wide range of ‘Secondi’, including lamb, pork and beef.

There are so many interesting fish options that it is hard to pick, and the plates comes out full of creative flair. The offering is upmarket yet welcoming and accessible.

Attico’s owner Leonard Bujari

Dublin Gazette caught up with owner Leonard Bujari (41), who comes from a family of Italian and Albanian heritage. He moved from Italy to Ireland around 21 years ago, and lives here now with his wife, Donika, and their eight-year-old son, Lenny.

Leonard always wanted to own his business and he is already the proud owner of a very successful Italian restaurant in Drogheda, called Antica Toscana.

He said: “I grew up with the belief that at some stage of my life I will, and I must, open my own business.

“My move to Ireland coincided with the period when the Irish economy was doing very well and that was a big incentive for me, because I saw Ireland as a country that offered me a great opportunity to grow myself not only academically but professionally as well.”

Speaking on his successful Drogheda restaurant, Leonard said: “The pizzeria restaurant in Drogheda has been doing very well, year by year. A vital feature of the restaurant’s successes has been the good food.

“Behind great food there is a great team, and the restaurant is in the hands of great staff who are dedicated and passionate workers about their job.”

Leonard has a huge passion for authentic Italian food. Coming from a traditional Mediterranean family, food has always been central to his family life.

He said: “With simple, fresh and seasonal ingredients, the meals during my childhood arrived on the table directly from the farm.

“I have always had a great passion for authentic Italian food in particular.

“What I appreciate the most about Italian cuisine is the simplicity of most Italian dishes. For me the key to a delicious dish is the winning combination of simple ingredients, passion and creativity.”

Leonard is excited about his new restaurant in Monkstown, Attico, and is looking forward to treating locals to authentic Italian food.

He said: “While Irish diners have a love affair with Italian food, to understand the real quality of Italian cuisine they need to experience authentic Italian dishes.

“In this way, the customers can understand the connection between authenticity and tradition. This experience in itself gives the customers in return a deeper appreciation for authentic food, tradition and culture.

“Hence, my message to the Irish dinners is you must be willing to go beyond your comfort zone and open up to real, traditional authentic food.”

For a taste of real authentic Italian, Attico is one to try. For further information, see Attico’s website.

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