Rewild With Keelings This Summer

by Amy Rohu
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Keelings have launched their Great Rewilding initiative in an attempt to address the reduction of Ireland’s bee and pollinator population.

The first step in the campaign is to giveaway 100,000,000 packs wildflower seeds with special packs of their berries.

Customers can claim their free seeds by redeeming promotional codes online from packs of Keelings berries available in stores now.

Each pack has a mix of 30 different species, which has been mixed by Sandro Cafolla, a wildflower grower who has worked with Keelings before to create their wildflower meadow in St Margarets, Co. Dublin.

David Keeling, CEO, Keelings Retail said: The launch of the Keelings Great Rewilding initiative is a commitment from our business to helping address the declining population of pollinators. Bees and pollinators play such a critical role in growing fruit and other foods and we really hope people will get on board and join us by encouraging wildflowers to grow locally in whatever outdoor space they might have.

Diarmuid Gavin, garden designer and Keelings Great Rewilding ambassador added: “I am delighted to support Keelings on their Great Rewilding initiative. This is an area that has been close to my heart for many years and I cannot emphasise enough the importance of the role that pollinators play in our ecosystem. It is so simple for people to get involved with lots of ways to rewild your garden. Keep an eye on my social media channels over the coming months where I will be sharing top tips to become part of the solution of the decline in pollinators.”

There are some simple ways to rewild parts of your garden including:

  1. Take breaks from mowing a piece of your lawn.
  2. Plant window boxes and hanging baskets with colourful flowers, in particular purple and blue ones, as bees love these.
  3. Make an insect hotel in a sunny part of your garden for solitary bees to nest in.

Find special packs of berries in store now to claim your free wildflowers.

Each punnet entitles you to redeem one seed pack. Households are limited to two seed packs in total.

Diarmuid Gavin is pictured at the launch of the Keelings Great Rewilding initiative which aims to address the reduction of Ireland’s bee and pollinator population.
Picture Andres Poveda

Picture Andres Poveda

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