Dalkey Food Company launch Mediterranean Inspired Sorbetto

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The Dalkey Food Company have just launched a range of Mediterranean inspired Sorbetto whichis available now in four mouth-watering flavours, Sorrento (Very Lemony), Torca (Raspberry and Tarragon), Vico (Chocolatey Orange) and Nerano (Strawberry and Basil). 100% Vegan and Plant-based, Fat-free and made locally, What’s not to love?

Sorrento (Very Lemony)

Enjoy this classic palate cleanser on its own or shaken with vodka and topped with bubbles to create the fantastic Sgroppino.

Torca (Raspberry and Tarragon)

Like a frame can make a painting, the tarragon makes the berry sing: a harmony of ruby red fruit with a refreshing aniseed finish.

Vico (Chocolatey Orange)

with 24% Cacao and zero lactose, this winning combination is as deep, rich, and funky as a Bootsy Collins’ bassline! A vegan ice sensation that’s a chocolate citrus party for your tastebuds.

Nerano (Strawberry and Basil)

Our berry bursting, herbaceous hero will bring you back to the taste of summer. Ripe, fresh fruit with a grown up twist of the herb’s peppery tang. Did someone say Daiquiri?

Inspired by The Dalkey Food Company’s hometown’s similarity with the (much sunnier) coastlines of Naples and Amalfi, the names of sorbets themselves come from the geographical nuances of Dalkey itself, as many of the areas are named after the Amalfi Coast in Italy for example Sorrento, Vico and Nerano.

Not only is Sorbetto a delicious dessert, it also makes a great addition to cocktails. Indeed the classic Sgroppino Cocktail is perfect to utilise Sorrento (Very Lemony) Sorbetto shaken up with vodka, and then topped up with prosecco, or you can make fantastic daiquiris with Nerano (Strawberry and Basil) Sorbetto. Feel free to get creative like Oisin Davis of Great Irish Beverages who created an extremely delicious Raspberry/Gin/Prosecco cooler, the options are endless!

Sorbetto is available now in select retailers in four mouth-watering flavours, Sorrento (Very Lemony), Torca (Raspberry and Tarragon), Vico (Chocolatey Orange) and Nerano (Strawberry and Basil). 

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