Brewing up some great beer and decent grub on Custom House Quay

by Dublin Gazette
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Urban Brewing on Custom House Quay in Dublin has a lot of potential.

Tripling as a brewery, restaurant and bar, the establishment is owned by Carlow Brewing Company (AKA O’Hara’s Brewery) and is the only brewpub near the IFSC.

The upstairs bar space is lined with vats and shimmering chrome furnishings while the downstairs area acts as Stack A Restaurant – a cellar-like eatery that runs in contrast to the modern aesthetic of its upstairs neighbour.

On a warm and sunny Summer afternoon the outside patio should have been the ideal location to sample the bar’s newly launched brunch menu.

However, the outdoor space is bordered with glass panels – meaning on such a warm day, the patio was transformed into a greenhouse, concentrating the suns rays and increasing the temperature to uncomfortable levels.

A design flaw or purposely built, I’m not sure, but heavily sweating while trying to enjoy a relaxing meal is not exactly something I look for.

The bar’s selection of local and international craft beer waiter didn’t seem to be able to recommend an alternative and had to revert the question to one of the brewers.

Now, I think it’s unreasonable for a waiter to have a wealth of knowledge about every single item that a bar and restaurant may offer.

However, I feel staff not being able to recommend an alternative beer in an establishment that specialises in the offering has to count as a mark against it.

In the end, I settled for a hazy American pale ale, which in fairness, was a great thirst quencher in the sweltering sun.

In terms of the food itself, I can have no complaints.

The sriracha marinated chicken burger was juicy and succulent and the roast chili aioli provided a welcome brightness to the dish.

Although I wasn’t particularly blown away by the presentation of the food, it’s definitely not a priority of mine when looking for an afternoon bite to eat.

Reasonably priced with a good selection of drinks and a nicely varied menu, Urban Brewing could be great spot for casual diners looking for some great beer and good food in the middle of the city.

However, I can’t overlook the small flaws that hindered my overall experience.

Although not a deal-breaker by any means, it’s these details can, unfortunately, make an establishment great, or just plain good.

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