Dublin’s iconic Café en Seine Celebrates 30 years of excellence with a star-studded affair

by Alison O'Hanlon
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Café en Seine, one of Dublin’s  most beloved bars and restaurants, is thrilled to announce a momentous milestone – 30 years of serving the heart of Dublin with exceptional cuisine, cocktails, and entertainment.

To commemorate this remarkable achievement, Café en Seine hosted an exclusive evening  for its most valued customers, esteemed guests, and a glittering array of Irish celebrities that had the city buzzing.

When it comes to celebrating 30 years of success, Café en Seine doesn’t hold back. This Dublin institution, known for its
Over the past three decades, Café en Seine has played host to an impressive array of celebrities and high-profile guests from around the world. It is however the combination of energy and attention to detail that created so many memorable experiences for so many customers through the last three decades that gives Café en Seine that special place in everyone’s hearts. Café en Seine has been a destination of choice for those seeking a truly exceptional and uplifting experience.

“Café en Seine are proud to celebrate 30 years this year and our legacy in the Dublin City hospitality and nightlife industry”, said David Murray, General Manager of Café en Seine.  “Innovation and five- star service have always been at the heart of everything we do, it’s not magic, but hard work, focus and ambition that have made Café en Seine into the success story it is. The commitment and energy of our staff ensures our customers have the best possible experience creating new enduring memories and stories”.

The 30th-anniversary celebration also served as a tribute to Café en Seine’s rich history. In 2018, the venue underwent a transformative renovation that elevated it to new heights of elegance and sophistication. This meticulous renovation not only modernised the space but also preserved its timeless charm.

The legacy of Café en Seine extends back to its original owner, the beloved Liam and Des O’ Dwyer, whose warm and welcoming spirit infused the venue with a sense of hospitality that continues to define it today.

Throughout its history, Café en Seine has evolved to cater to a diverse array of tastes. In years past, the venue hosted theatre nights and featured DJs every Friday and Saturday night, with live music on Sundays. It was renowned for having the best carvery in the city and now, in 2023, it offers French- inspired gastro-pub cuisine under the expert guidance of Stephen Gibson and his culinary team.

Café en Seine has welcomed well over 10 million guests through its doors, a testament to its enduring popularity and status as a beloved Dublin and Irish landmark.

As Café en Seine embarks on its next chapter, it remains dedicated to delivering unparalleled experiences and building on the legacy that has made it an iconic destination in Dublin. Whether you’re savouring a gourmet meal, enjoying a cocktail with friends, or dancing the night away, Café en Seine promises an unforgettable experience that combines the best of Dublin’s past and present.

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