Maximise your outdoor space with CaterSave outside heaters!

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By Rose Barrett

The restrictions of Covid 19 taught us all to maximise and utilitize our outdoor spaces. But no matter what, Irish winters are damp and cold and don’t make socialising outdoors very inviting.

Well, cheat and take the heat to your patio, conservatory, garden, etc. CaterSave under-table heaters will transform your patio or terrace into a comfortably warm toasty and cosy area! You can enjoy the Great Outdoors at home, all year round.


But the heaters are uniquely the most energy-efficient and cost friendly heaters on the market! And they are eco-friendly.

A CaterSave heater converts a massive 92 per cent of electric energy into heat. They are waterproof, with a Global Safety Certificate and are safe to touch, for children, pets and adults so no burn dangers. Maximise your outdoor space whether it’s a balcony, a terrace, patio or outdoor garden space.

Heat your body – not the atmosphere!

Energy saving heaters that use approximately only 14c/hr, they make a fantastic gift for parents, friends or treat yourself! 

Limited 2023 stock left. Reduced from €295 to only €99. 99. Contact John now, at Mob: 087 276 8098  or Email: [email protected]

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