Dublin named tenth friendliest city to visit in Europe

by Rachel Cunningham
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A new study has ranked Dublin as the tenth friendliest holiday destination in Europe, writes Rachel Cunningham.

The research, conducted by Bounce, ranked popular cities across Europe on factors such as happiness scores, crime rates and LGBTQ+ acceptance to reveal the friendliest city break destinations in Europe. 

Based on this criteria, Zurich was recognised as the friendliest destination for a European holiday. The city ranked highest in the happiness index score, coming in at 7.54 out of 10.

Zurich also beat all other destinations when it came to pickpocketing fears, with just 13 per cent of visitors worrying about falling victim to a mugging. 

Copenhagen came in second place, with a crime and safety index of 26 out of 100. The city is also one of the happiest of those considered and it has an LGBTQ+ accepting society. 

The safest destination on the list, Munich, came in third place overall.

Dublin scored particularly well on LGBTQ+ friendliness and was named the fifth happiest city to live in. 

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