Enticing emigrants to return to new chances

by Gazette Reporter
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ALMOST a quarter of a million Irish people are thought to have emigrated since 2008.
Those returning home face challenges, but many companies are putting in place enticing incentives to tempt talent back to our shores.
Osborne, one of Ireland’s leading recruitment consultancies, is focused on placing returning emigrants in top positions in Ireland across various sectors.
Here are five of Osborne’s insights into what’s enticing emigrants back home…
Innovation – Ireland is demonstrating agility and innovation with top market salaries, pensions, career development opportunities, healthcare cover and competing strongly against its European counterparts.
Software Hubs – international conglomerates and new start-up software companies, that deliver gaming, animation, and software development, are making Dublin their home.
Freelancing Internationally – it’s estimated that some 40% of workers will be freelance by 2020. Professionals in design, journalism and web development can now freelance internationally from Ireland, and this flexibility and freedom is tempting Irish emigrants back to literally work from home.
Gaps in the market – there are clear skill gaps in areas such as IT and engineering, so there are strong job opportunities for returning emigrants in these sectors. Accountancy and finance, cyber security and human resources continue to show signs of a positive incline too.
A great place to work – Ireland has some of the best workplaces in Europe, many of which are getting recognised by the Great Places to Work organisation. An increasing number of firms are offering extremely competitive salaries, employee benefits and a focus on employee career development.
To find out more about Osborne, visit www.Osborne.ie, see www.facebook.com/osbornerecruitment or follow Osborne on Twitter @OsborneRecruits and hear what the Osborne team has to say on Linkedin (https://www.linkedin.com/company/1809059)

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