Dublin communities urged to have their say on renewable energy plan

by Gazette Reporter
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 Communities across Dublin are encouraged to have their say on a new draft national offshore renewable energy development plan aimed at meeting our future energy demands – and ensuring we put the right offshore technologies in the right places in our seas. 

An eight-week public consultation is now underway, giving people in every county a voice on proposals to harness the immense wind, wave, and tidal energy potential of our seas.

The second Offshore Renewable Energy Development Plan, (OREDP II), is one piece of the jigsaw in delivering on Ireland’s Climate Action Plan – which aims to have up to 80% of the country’s electricity sourced from renewables by 2030. 

The OREDP II is a new national spatial strategy for our offshore renewable energy future.

It will set out a framework for where we will put offshore wind, wave and tidal technologies in the future. 

This work will support the move away from a developer-led model towards a more plan-led model for offshore renewable energy development in Ireland, where the State will play a much greater role in identifying optimal locations in our seas for offshore renewable energy development. 

Through the OREDP II, all relevant maritime stakeholders and citizens, particularly those in coastal communities, will be able to have their say in where we put offshore renewable technologies in the future as part of the Enduring Regime.

Submissions can be made at www.Gov.ie/OffshoreEnergyPlan until April 20 and are being gathered to ensure the plan fairly reflects the views of those most affected by the development of offshore renewable energy. 

Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications, Eamon Ryan, said that Ireland’s coastline offers huge, clean and sustainable sources of offshore renewable energy. 

“To harness this energy for the benefit of all, we need to ensure we put the right offshore technologies in the right places,” he said. 

“I encourage all, particularly those in coastal and island communities, to participate in the consultation events.

“The maritime area is a shared space and we want to hear from all those with an interest in our seas. How we plan for this development will be important to ensure benefits are delivered for everyone.”

At the heart of the draft OREDP II is an ambition to meet the country’s future energy demands, transform our economy, achieve net-zero carbon emissions and protect our environment.

It has been developed in collaboration with the environmental sector, fisheries, academics, industry and the Government.

Views are particularly welcome from local tourism, fishing, leisure and sports organisations or anyone with an interest in Ireland’s maritime resources.

Following the conclusion of the public consultation process and consideration of all submissions, the draft OREDP II will be finalised and published this summer.

Have your say by filling out the online survey before April 20 at: www.Gov.ie/OffshoreEnergyPlan.

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