CNO advises public to keep an eye on elderly neighbours during cold spell

Be winter ready

by Rose Barrett
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Chief Nursing Officer Rachel Kenna advises the public to keep an eye on older and vulnerable people and encourages everyone to check in on older family members and neighbours over the New Year cold spell.

Ms Kenna has urged those who are older or living with illness to take particular care to look after their health following increase in Covid-19 cases and renewed bouts of RSV, influenza, Scarlett Fever, etc.

She is also reminding all of us who have older family members or neighbours of the importance to make time to check in with them regularly.

Many of us looked forward to the recent festivities, but others find this time of year difficult so it is particularly important that we remember to maintain contact with people who may be missing out on their usual social interactions.

While winter can be tough on our health and wellbeing, the CNO emphasised there are many ways to protect ourselves from the additional risks, and she encourages people to check out the information and updates available at

Ms Kenna said: “Winter weather can increase the risk of falls and certain illness. However, precautions can be taken to reduce these risks. Make sure you and your family are up to date with COVID-19 and flu vaccines.

Keeping warm, well-nourished and well-hydrated is important, as well as getting some regular exercise.”   

In addition to, the  website has other useful information and advice. HSE Live is also available at Freephone 1800 700700 for general queries. 

The CNO wishes everyone a safe and peaceful New Year period.  

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