Ireland ranked third in Europe for education 

by Rachel Cunningham
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A new study naming the best performing European countries for education has ranked Ireland in third place, with the highest reading score out of the top 15 countries.

With a total score of 84.78, Irish pupils spend an average of 11.58 years in the education system, while the government spends an average of 11.33 per cent of its expenditure on schooling.

Primary school students in Ireland spend five hours and 40 minutes daily, including all breaks and assembly time. 

Estonia has the highest scores in mathematics and science and a total score of 91.86 in education quality and access.

Switzerland ranked second, with a category score of 84.92 and the second-highest mathematics score.

The UK came in fourth place with 81.90, while Germany came in sixth, with a total score of 79.74.

“It is surprising that out of the largest countries in Europe, only Germany and the UK make an appearance on this list,” said Patrick Nadler, CEO of TutorSpace and head of the German national tutoring association.

“The data highlights key areas where each country can improve but also shows where a country is already doing well.

“Technology and research are areas where many countries need to increase spending to find ways to adapt to our changing world. 

“Education is another area where improvement can be made; by increasing budgets and using external tutors alongside state learning, more people will be able to improve their situations and share their skills and knowledge.”  

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