Early learning and childcare workers’ wage to rise by 73%

by Rachel Cunningham
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Wages for early learning and childcare workers will rise by and estimated 73 percent from September 15, as a result of the Irish government’s approval of Employment Regulation Orders. 

Commenting on the news, the founder and CEO of Tigers Childcare, described it as a well-deserved turning point and watershed moment. 

“I am elated and somewhat emotional for my colleagues, the vast majority of whom will see their wages rise,” Karen Clince said. “It is a well-deserved turning point and recognition of the vital role they play caring for and educating the most important and vulnerable in our community, our children.” 

“Our colleagues have waited a long time for this to pass, all the time continuing to be professional, up-skill and dedicate themselves to the children they love”, the CEO stated. She added that many had been forced to leave the sector, as they were unable to support their normal lives with the current rate of pay. 

“This has always been to the detriment of the young children they support, and society as a whole”, she said. “I would like to thank the government for their work in helping this come to pass and their commitment to both core funding and the national childcare scheme”. 

Ms Clince called on the government to consider this as a starting point for “fair and appropriate” wages in the sector.

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