Educational Supplement – Dunboyne College celebrates 19 years of supporting students

by Rachel Cunningham
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Dunboyne College is about to celebrate its 19th year of providing further education courses, teaching under its motto “Begin here, go anywhere”.

A benefit of attending Dunboyne College is that it equips students with tools, such as referencing, research and self-directed learning. This lowers the likelihood that a student will dropout when they progress to a third level course.

Dropout rates for Irish students who do a level 5 QQI course and then begin in third level are less than 3 per cent, compared to an estimated 10 per cent among those who go directly into university and up to 33 per cent on some I.T. courses for Leaving Certificate entrants.

Dunboyne College offers flexible learning options, including enabling students to try out various modules in September to make sure that they have made the correct course choice. The college provides support for students who may be uncertain about their future, offering them a year to learn and mature so that they can continue their educational journey with confidence in the next academic year.

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