Dublin Rated 7th Most Talent Competitive City Globally

by Jordan Upshaw
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Dublin is rated the 7th most talent competitive city in the world.

The annual Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) has ranked Dublin as the 7th most talent competitive city in the world.

The GTCI was decided by the workforce solutions provider Adecco Group in partnership with international business school INSEAD and Tata Communications.

This means Dublin is very successful in attracting, retaining, training, and educating highly-skilled workers. Dublin outperformed other larger global hubs such as Paris, Tokyo and London which came in 9th, 12th, and 14th, respectively.

This is the second annual GTCI and Dublin is up 3 spots from last year’s list.

The GTCI looks at a long list of variables including collaboration within organisations, foreign direct investment, gender pay gap, labour productivity and university rankings, investment in research and development, quality of life, education levels, presence of major universities, physician density, average monthly expenses, and airport connectivity.

The presence of companies such as Apple and LinkedIn are credited with contributing to Dublin’s ranking. Dublin is also considered more agile than larger cities on the list.

The more diverse and inclusive environment that has developed in recent years was also cited as a factor in creating a sustainable, creative, high-performing, and engaged workforce.

Deputy Dean and Dean of Innovation at INSEAD Peter Zemsky clarified: “Diversity is a crucial leverage for innovation.”

CEO NA of The Adecco Group UK & Ireland, John Marshall said of the ranking: “Dublin’s strong position in the rankings this year demonstrates that regional hubs and smaller cities are successfully competing for the world’s best, brightest and most creative talent… (The ranking was) boosted by the city’s ability to provide highly-skilled talent with the small, liveable, friendly community that is often lacking in big metropolises.

“This is a win for the city but also Ireland as a whole, as cities like Dublin play a crucial role in boosting their country’s global reputation and making it more attractive for talent and employers alike.”

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