Dublin Made Easy: Ice Cream

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Being careful not to jinx it, the weather in Dublin has been absolutely glorious.
When the sun’s out and it’s warm, usually two things spring to mind: beer gardens or where to get a good ice-cream.

It’s far too warm to do the extra thinking so to save you swanning around in the heat, we’ve saved you the hassle. Whether it’s a classic 99’s, gelato, handmade sorbet or even trying something a little whackier like Smoked Salmon Ice Cream, here are some top ice-cream spots in Dublin.


LOCATION: 1a Windsor Terrace, Dun Laoghaire
Highlight: Classic whipped vanilla 99

Having a walk along Dun Laoghaire Pier and a Teddy’s ice-cream goes hand in hand.
It’s been a tradition since the much-loved ice cream joint was established in 1950 by Teddy himself (real name Edward Jacob).

With the old-fashioned charm, many opt for that classic, creamy vanilla 99 topped with a crumbly flake.

They also have other flavours of ice-cream on offer as well as handmade sweets, boiled sweets, iced caramels, candyfloss and coffee.

Queues are quite common at Teddy’s, but no one minds the wait. Once you get the top and your delicious ice-cream is handed out to you, the only thing that matters is getting stuck into that delicious ice-cream.

You can now buy a Teddy’s cone at the end of Dun Laoghaire Pier too, or Bray Seafront.



LOCATION: 27 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2
Highlight: Whacky flavours available

Since 2000, brothers Sean and Kieran Murphy have been making their own ice-cream, which all began in Dingle.

They don’t use colourings, flavourings or powdered milk, their brand is all about keeping it fresh from the farm milk, local cream, free range eggs and organic sugar.

The brothers are quite fussy when it comes to quality ingredients and even make their own sea salt from Dingle sea water and distil Dingle rain to make their sorbets.

They also temper chocolate, infuse alcohol and scrape vanilla beans by hand.

Serving 16 flavours, 12 regular plus four special flavours, Murphy’s is also known for it’s quirky flavours.

The staff are very friendly and will let you try samples until you decide on the right one.


Gino’s Gelato

LOCATION: Grafton Street, Henry Street, George’s Street, and Blanchardstown, Liffey Valley and Jervis Street Shopping Centres
Highlight: Known brands like Ferrero Rocher or Toblerone being made into a Gelato

Gino’s offers the best in authentic Italian gelato. The product is made fresh in each of their premises daily using quality ingredients, including their own organic milk from cows who graze on a farm by the Atlantic Ocean.

They use no additives or preservatives. There is gluten-free flavours on the menu and it is suitable for vegetarians.

It’s also low in fat, 5-6% compared to 10% plus in ice-creams and the flavours range from chocolate mixes to traditional fruits.

It’s hard to walk by Gino’s without getting the sweet waft of their Belgian waffles and crepes also on offer.

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