Call for public clarification about bin bag waste collection from City Council

by Alex Greaney
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Greyhound Waste Collection has recently contacted hundreds of residents in central Dublin stating that it will withdraw its bin bag collection service in their areas. 

Garrett Greene, Workers’ Party representative in Dublin Central, has called for Dublin City Council to clarify the rules regarding bin bag collection in the inner city, and guarantee that residents won’t be left without any waste collection services. 

Greene said: “I have been contacted by numerous residents in Phibsborough, over the last week, who have received correspondence from Greyhound Waste Collection, telling them they will no longer be collecting waste bin bags in their area and that they would need to purchase wheelie bins and a subscription service instead. These residents live in areas which are specifically exempted by Dublin City Council from the requirement to use wheelie bins because they have no space to store the bins. 

“While Dublin City Council have confirmed to me that this is false information and that no changes are being made to the list of areas designated for waste bag collection, the repeated false information being circulated by Greyhound to residents is causing worry and confusion for many people.” 

Greene continued: “I have now asked Dublin City Council to issue a public statement to confirm to residents that there are no changes happening regarding bin bag waste collection. 

“I have also asked that Dublin City Council detail precisely what contingency plans they have in place should Greyhound decide to cease bin bag collections. 

“It is my understanding that Greyhound could withdraw from the bag collection service if they so wished and I believe residents deserve to know that DCC has detailed plans in place to ensure their rubbish does not go uncollected.” 

Greene concluded: “This situation yet again shows the farcical results of the privatisation of our waste collection service. Residents are already angry about the level of illegal dumping, as well as the cost of bin charges paid to private companies like Greyhound. 

“There is widespread support for our call for Dublin City Council to take the waste collection service back into public ownership, the sooner they do so the better.”

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