MOVEit ransomware attack impacts staff privacy

by Rose Barrett
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Some staff at Dublin Airport have had their salary details compromised following a supply chain breach linked to the MOVEit ransomware attack, writes Rose Barrett.

Ryan McConechy, CTO at Barrier Networks stated “Here we are seeing yet more people being impacted by the MOVEit ransomware attack, which has this time happened through a Dublin Airport supply chain.”

He added: “In this instance, it looks like Dublin Airport was using services provided by Aon, while Aon was using services supplied by MOVEit, which is how the malware initially got in and was then able to spread through the supply chain.”

Mr McConechy states this latest attack highlights the very dangerous risks that can occur when supply chains are long and link multiple organisations together, sometimes without everyone’s knowledge.

“As a result, organisations must use this incident as a firm reminder about always vetting their supply chain. This means not only assessing their supplier’s security and compliance certifications, but also having an understanding of who they partner with and how an attack on one of their suppliers could impact their own data.”

McConechy stated that long supply chains were inevitable in today’s digital world –  but they should never compromise security.

“Minimising unnecessary data links, making sure all parties employ robust security programmes, and having visibility into how an attack can inadvertently impact other parties within a supply chain are essential to avoid these instances,” he warned.

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