Dog-owner mad dash from Mexico to help save his 14-year-old Husky pet

by Rachel Cunningham
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Rachel Cunningham

A Dublin dog owner rushed from Mexico to be by the side of his pet, after learning that she had a life-threatening condition.

Ciarán Healy, from Lucan, said he was devastated when told his 14-year-old Siberian Husky, Kaya, had a large mass on her liver and could only have weeks to live.

He took the first available plane home and rushed to My Vet animal hospital in Lucan, where Kaya had been taken for specialist treatment.

 “I was in Mexico and my parents were minding Kaya. I was devastated when I heard the vets had discovered a large mass and she had been given mere weeks to live,” said Ciarán.

“I booked the soonest flight home and when I arrived, I went straight to the vets to try to figure out what could be done to help her.

“I was extremely concerned. Kaya means the world to me and her health and happiness is the most important thing.

“Her main symptom was diarrhoea, which she’d suffered from before, but this time it was really bad and her weight had dropped from 23kg to 16.5kg in very short time.

“We had no idea why, but now it seems like it must have been the mass causing the problem all along. 

“It was alarming but everyone at My Vet was so helpful. They talked me through all the options and showed a lot of care for both of us throughout the entire process.”

Ciarán Jones, a specialist in small animal surgery at MyVet, operated to remove the mass.

Vet Ciarán said it was a difficult surgery, explaining: “A CT scan had confirmed a large mass on Kaya’s liver which needed removing.

“It proved a very challenging operation, though, and a blood transfusion was required during surgery due to the amount of blood Kaya was losing.

“However, after almost two hours, the liver lobectomy was completed and Kaya was then hospitalised in our ICU for a few days before being allowed home.”

Kaya’s ower has described her recovery as miraculous.  

“There will be a lot of rehab to follow but I’m very happy with her progress, and she seems happy,” said Ciaran.


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