Dublin City Council awards €550,000 to artists

by Rachel Cunningham
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Seventy-two Dublin-based artists and arts organisations have been awarded a sum total of €550,000 as part of the Dublin City Council Art Grants and Bursaries Scheme 2022.

The purpose of the scheme is to fund projects, festivals and events throughout the city and to support arts practice, arts participation and audience development in the Dublin City Council administrative area.

The funding focused on developmental projects, training and vocational support for artists and community development through quality arts actions, with an emphasis on diversity and equality of opportunity.

“Artists and those working in the arts in neighbourhoods and citywide often tell me how important it is to have their local authority’s recognition and endorsement,” said Dublin City Council Arts Officer, Ray Yeates.

“An arts grant from Dublin City Council can have a significant impact on a project or a career often helping to leverage other funding and resources. Dublin City Council has agreed to continue to sustain and increase arts grants in the coming years.”

Among the diverse grant recipients this year are Community Arts festivals ‘Phizzfest’, the Five Lamps Arts Festival, Gothic Arts Festival ‘Soul Noir’, dance hip hop festival ‘Break the War’ and the Irish Baroque Orchestra for ‘Dublin Handelfest’.

The funding recipients were selected for their ability to stimulate public interest and promote knowledge, appreciation and practice of the arts, in addition to improving standards in the arts within its functional area.

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